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BERLIN (dpa) รณ The Pet Shop Boys will record a ground-breaking musical score to Sergei Eisenstein's epic silent film Battleship Potemkin on a Berlin sound stage next week, the pop group's producer said Wednesday [14 July].
The Pet Shop Boys (photo: Chris Floyd/EMI) The soundtrack is being orchestrated by German composer Torsten Rasch, who recently launched his live work, "Mein Herz brennt", based on the music of German hard-rock band Rammstein.
It will be performed and recorded by the Dresden Sinfoniker orchestra in Berlin on Monday, said Pet Shop Boys producer Sven Helbig.
"This is a historic cinematic event, marking the third time that this 1925 silent classic has been given a musical score," Helbig said. Edmund Meisel and Dimitri Shostakovich wrote the earlier scores.
The Pet Shop Boys will be on hand for a free showing of the newly scored film in London's Trafalgar Square on September 12 as part of a programme of free events organised by Mayor Ken Livingstone.
In a statement, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe [the two members of the group] said the soundtrack would include three new songs. However, it will mainly be a instrumental score. "It's wonderful to be given the opportunity to write a complete soundtrack to this classic film and then to perform it as a free concert in the heart of London," said Tennant in a statement.
The show is being produced by London's Institute of Contemporary Arts. Heroic sailors plot their mutiny aboard the eponymous Battleship Potemkin in Sergei Eisenstein's film.Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin tells the story of a mutiny on board a Russian battleship, sparked by the crew being given rotten meat to eat. The revolt leads to a riot, which leads to a fleet of battleships being drafted in to destroy the Potemkin.
A dramatic scene showing a close-up of a mother screaming as a pram carrying her baby tumbles down a flight of stone steps is regarded as one of the most memorable scenes in cinematic history.
Tennant, who turned 50 on July 10, and Lowe, 44, have been involved in a number of different projects since their first major hit "West End Girls" reached number one in 1986. They include their 1987 film It Couldn't Happen Here and a West End musical, Closer to Heaven, in 2001.
The duo have also collaborated with a wide variety of acts, including Dusty Springfield and Liza Minnelli in the 1980s, to David Bowie, Robbie Williams and rock band Suede in the late 1990s. Their last single, "Flamboyant", reached number 12 in the British charts in April.

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