Craig Ogden, the classical guitarist, is suffering from mixed fortunes; he has the No. 1 album in the classical charts but on Monday lost his precious guitar, having accidentally left it in the back of a taxi.

Things have been going well for Craig Ogden recently: he signed a highly coveted record deal with Classic FM Records and his brand new album ‘The Guitarist’ was released on 5th July, flying straight to No. 1 in the classical charts. Three weeks since its release, Ogden is still holding onto pole position and is widely becoming known as ‘the classical Jack Johnson’ for his passion for surfing and his laid-back guitar sound. Ogden is delighted to have his very first No. 1 album, having paid his dues in the classical world with performances at The Royal Albert Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Wigmore Hall and the Barbican to name but a few. He says “After many years of bringing classical guitar to the UK public, I’m so thrilled to have a number one album.”

Disaster struck on Monday when Ogden took a cab in London and was in such a rush to get to his studio session that he left his extremely precious guitar, worth an estimated £15,000, in the back of the cab. Distraught, Ogden has spent the last few hours calling round black cab firms to see if the guitar has been handed in by one of London 's finest cabbies but it has yet to make an appearance.

The guitar is a ‘2003 Greg Smallman’ which Ogden calls his vital organ, "It's my pride and joy, and I feel like a part of me is missing without my guitar. I don't mean to sound corny, but it's my heartbeat.”

His record company boss, Buffie du Pon, has issued a reward for anyone who finds the guitar "We are prepared to pay the sum of £5,000 if the guitar is returned safely," du Pon continues "Craig has had tremendous success over the past three weeks having a No. 1 record. It seems so unfair that such misfortune can hit at a crucial time like this."

Anyone with information is requested to write to [email protected]


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