In response to the publication of the Henley Review into Music Education, Mark Pemberton, Director of the Association of British Orchestras, said:

“The Henley Review confirms that high quality music education is crucial – and offers practical ways to ensure it can be delivered effectively. We particularly welcome the call for Music Education Hubs in each local authority area and the recognition that pupils should have access to live music making opportunities.

“The government’s acknowledgment that children will benefit from a combination of classroom teaching, instrumental tuition and input of professional musicians is a helpful first response to the Review, and the £82.5m for music services in 2011/12 and the transitional funding for Sing Up are good news.

“However, we are concerned that local authorities are already reducing or removing investment in music education as the cuts begin to hit. The proposed National Plan for Music Education must urgently identify how adequate resources will be found to deliver the quality of music education envisaged by Henley. We look forward to hearing about future funding allocations from 2012 and beyond and will actively engage with consultation on the National Plan."


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