Scholarships named for Alberto Iglesias, Howard Shore, Michel Camilo and Juan Luis Guerra.

VALENCIA, May 9, 2012 – Berklee College of Music in Valencia today proudly announces the support of internationally renowned artists, musicians and professionals from the music industry: Alberto Iglesias, Howard Shore, Michel Camilo and Juan Luis Guerra, who have each given their names to scholarships.

The scholarships, which cover 50% of the tuition fee, will be awarded to students selected from the college’s first master’s degree program, launching in September 2012.

“In order to remain the world´s leading college for contemporary music education, we must also offer scholarships at our new campus in Valencia so that the most gifted musicians from all over the world have the means to attend,” explained Berklee College of Music President Roger Brown. “Quincy Jones is a Berklee alumnus who would not have had the opportunity to attend without scholarship support, and is a prime example of the importance and success of this practice.”

Commenting on the support Berklee in Valencia is receiving from these renowned musicians, Guillermo Cisneros, Vice President for Global Initiatives, Berklee College of Music and Executive Director, Berklee in Valencia, said: “We are honoured and extremely grateful for the personal commitment they are giving to Berklee in Valencia through these named scholarships and for their backing of the young musical talents who will be participating in our master’s programmes.”

As the leading college for contemporary music education, Berklee College of Music aims for its new state-of-the-art Valencia campus to provide a hub for those wishing to pursue an international career in music – and to date, the College is already processing a high number of top quality applications for its master´s programmes from students originating from more than 50 countries.

Students benefit from the experience and academic excellence the college has provided for over 65 years, to launch their careers across the globe. The introduction of its first master’s programs and their unique nature, combined with the scholarships on offer and the prestige associated with the musicians and professionals who have given their names to them, marks another significant milestone in the college’s history.

All candidates who apply to enter one of the intensive one-year master’s degree programs at the Berklee in Valencia campus will automatically be considered for a scholarship. The selection and awarding of scholarships will be based on the student’s talent and demonstration of excellence in their chosen field of study, together with their requirement for financial support throughout their further education. Master’s Scholarships available:

  • Master’s in Scoring for Film, Television and Video Gaming

    Led by Programme Director, Andy Hill, this master's programme focuses on the very complete and complex art and craft of composing, orchestrating, editing and producing music for the screen:
    The Alberto Iglesias Scholarship: Alberto Iglesias is Spain’s most acclaimed composer. Renowned for his film compositions working with directors such as Oliver Stone, Pedro Almodóvar, and John Malkovich, Iglesias is also a scholar with classical training that includes piano, guitar, composition and counterpoint, as well as electronic music studies. He is the recipient of ten Goyas, the Hollywood Film Composer Award, and numerous European accolades, as well as a number of Academy Awards nominations, most recently for ”Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.” “It is both a compliment and an honor to put my name to a Berklee scholarship and I would advise the successful scholar, and all Berklee students, to make the most of the great opportunity they have. I hope they will be capable of creating music that both contributes to society and that they are proud of.” - Alberto Iglesias.

    The Howard Shore Scholarship: Howard Shore is one of today’s most respected, honored, and active composers and music conductors. He is a threetime Academy Award winner – for his work scoring The Lord of the Rings trilogy – and nominee this year for Hugo. He has also won four Grammys, three Golden Globes, and three Genie Awards. His vast experience spans television, film and opera, and his music has been performed at concerts throughout the world, many of which he has conducted. Shore is a Berklee alumnus who holds Honorary Doctorates from Berklee and York University, and is an Officer of the French Order of Arts and Letters. “I am very happy to be part of Berklee in Valencia.” - Howard Shore.

  • Master’s in Contemporary Studio Performance

    Led by Programme Director, Victor Mendoza, this master's programme explores performance skills in a variety of styles, from salsa to rock to Afro-Cuban jazz to bluegrass. Students will also be schooled in studio techniques and entrepreneurial skills, developing their own career plans and complete digital promotional package of their music.

    The Michel Camilo Scholarship: A native of the Dominican Republic, Michel Camilo is an internationally acclaimed Grammy, Latin Grammy and Emmy award-winning jazz pianist, composer, bandleader, lecturer and visiting professor “A scholarship winner has a responsibility to excel, there is a little bit of pressure, but hopefully this will catapult them into the next step of their careers and if I can point them in the right direction or inspire them in some way, I will - I want to share my knowledge and inspire through my experiences” - Michel Camilo.

    The Juan Luis Guerra Scholarship: Juan Luis Guerra is a jazz, pop and merengue singer and songwriter from the Dominican Republic, renowned worldwide for his truly original work. Winner of 12 Latin Grammys, 2 Grammys, 10 Billboard Awards and 4 Latin Billboard Awards, he is also a Berklee alumnus and Honorary Doctorate recipient. “A musical education is hugely complementary to talent, which is a gift from God – and to have the opportunity to study at Berklee is a great privilege. It is an honor for me to put my name to a Berklee scholarship and I hope to directly contribute to the experience of those who receive my scholarship - I already have planned visits to go to the campus in Valencia and spend time with the students.” – Juan Luis Guerra.


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