The BBC is expecting a record number of complaints ñ and possible legal action ñ after it broadcast a ëblasphemousí opera about the chat show host Jerry Springer.
It had been claimed that the broadcast would contain more than 8,000 swearwords. But the BBC said that the true total was much lower, and closer to 300.
Nevertheless, 45,000 people had contacted the BBC to complain about the show even before it had been broadcast.
There had also been complaints to the communications regulator Ofcom, but these were referred to the BBC - Ofcom only deals with post-programme complaints.
Branding the BBC the ëBlasphemy Broadcasting Corporationí, angry Christians - organised by the pressure group Christian Voice - protested outside Television Centre in West London on Friday.
A spokesman for Christian Voice said: ìThe blasphemy of Jerry Springer the Opera lies in denigrating almighty God and the only saviour, the lord Jesus Christ. God is good, and Jesus lived a life without sin. He is not called to account by anyone. God is not mocked, and I fear for the United Kingdom when we allow such a blasphemous mockery to be screened on national television.
ìThe BBC have no respect for God, and they hold the views of ordinary people in contempt. We demand respect for the Christian faith and we are not prepared to allow these attacks on the Christian faith to go on any longer.î
But Mark Thompson, the BBC Director General Mark, who is a practising Christian, defended the show and maintained that there would be ëvery clearí warnings before the broadcast.

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