Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra launches pioneering Video Magazine for its 125th-Anniversary Year

RCO Editions available from: iTunes Appstore

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is constantly in search of new platforms for presenting classical music and today launches an exceptional new video magazine, which will be published six times a year as an app for iPad and iPhone: RCO Editions.

During its 125th-anniversary season the RCO demonstrates that as one of the world’s finest orchestras, offering music-making of the highest quality, it is also a pioneer in the latest developments in new media. Each of the six new issues explores themes around particular musical works – with live audio-visual recordings by the RCO. The video-magazine app invites listeners to study them in detail and make intellectual excursions into and beyond the music.

The first of the RCO Editions is Mozart: on the Road, featuring the Orchestra’s live concert recordings of Mozart‘s Paris and Prague Symphonies. It includes John Eliot Gardiner’s musical analysis of the Prague, a documentary on Mozart’s defining experiences in that city and explores perspectives of contemporaries such as Casanova and the reluctant traveller Haydn. The app includes everything from digressions into historical performance practice to accounts of the discomforts of travel in the past, as well as present-day tour experiences of the RCO – perfectly timed for the orchestra’s anniversary world tour!

The centrepiece of the second Edition, Tod und Verklärung, is Richard Strauss’s eponymous work. Various interpretations of this theme are presented, alongside Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony, his Four Last Songs and Strauss’s Also sprach Zarathustra with texts to follow along. Conductor Marin Alsop explains to app users how Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey fits into this context, elegantly establishing the connection between music, philosophy and the cult film. The multifaceted programme also includes scientific reports by a cardiologist on the phenomenon of the near-death experience, relevant literature by great intellectuals and personal perceptions of musicians.

There are already many digital versions of concert recordings in the classical music world, but this is the first time a video magazine has been presented in this form. RCO Editions provide in-depth insights into musical topics and goes one step further than other digital orchestra projects, offering interdisciplinary approaches and a wide range of perspectives. The diversity of the apps gives experts, non-specialists and amateurs the opportunity to explore a work at their own pace and on the basis of their own interests.

Decide for Yourself: Intelligent Entertainment with Excellent Technology
With its RCO Editions the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is responding to current listening habits and using the capabilities of modern technology. If you only want to listen to music, you have access to RCO Radio with the free app. In addition, through the 360° video perspective the RCO Editions offer a total musical experience, a multitude of interdisciplinary ideas. With a second screen and parallax scrolling it is possible to alternate between levels in the app without interrupting the concert experience. Your television set at home becomes the stage for the orchestra with Apple TV, and the iPad can be used as a second screen for all the extras.

Long-Awaited Dream
RCO Editions, made possible exclusively through private donations, fulfils a long-awaited dream for the Orchestra: music lovers of all ages can experience the magic of classical music anywhere in the world, and enjoy the excellence of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra beyond the walls of the concert hall.

Each issue of RCO Editions (6 per year) costs 4.49 euros. A subscription, which offers many other extras, such as additional concert recordings and RCO Radio in high quality, costs 6.99 euros/month or 74.99 euros/year.

  • The first release of the RCO Editions Mozart: on the Road is FREE
  • RCO Editions is available from 18 September 2013 from: iTunes Appstore
  • Further information is available at: RCO Amsterdam

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