Philadelphia Inquirer - 26 April 2004
By Henri Sault

The Austrian Mint, energized by winning the coin-of-the-year award for 2002, has struck a 50-euro gold coin celebrating composer Joseph Haydn. It is the first in a three-coin series honoring Austrian composers ó a list that could reasonably continue through the end of the century.
Although not its intention, the coin could also mark the 200th anniversary of Haydn's last, unfinished work, a string quartet. Subsequent coins in the series will honor Beethoven, in 2005, and Mozart, in 2006.
Struck in .986-fine gold, the Haydn coin contains 10 grams of gold and is sold in a numbered case for $235. Queries go to Euro Collections International at 1-888-904-5544 or at

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