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TORONTO, Ontario, March 16, 2005 (United Press International via COMTEX) ó University of Toronto researchers say musicians playing in an orchestra pit need not fear a future of damaged hearing.
The scientists tested 67 volunteers using noise dosimeters, which are small, cigarette-sized instruments used to measure sound.
They tested the subjects while they were in the pit on 18 occasions ó either during rehearsals, dress rehearsals or actual performances. Each activity lasted about three hours.
The researchers found the noise exposure of players of all of the instrument groups fell below acceptable levels.
While the orchestra players may not be in danger of hearing loss in the pit; researcher Alberto Behar cautioned that the study did not take individual practice into account.
"Implementing a hearing conservation program that includes musician earplugs is an effective way to reduce any risk of hearing loss," Behar said. The study appears in the February online version of Applied Acoustics.

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