The Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia will deploy the French web-based music learning platform Meludia. Commencing in early 2016, the Meludia platform will be available to every student and faculty member at Curtis.

In so doing, Meludia becomes the first online interactive educational method recognized by The Curtis Institute of Music, who selected Meludia for its strong pedagogical qualities and its novel, cutting-edge approach to developing music perception, auditory skills and reinforcing the fundamentals of music.

Jonathan Coopersmith, Chair of Musical Studies at The Curtis Institute of Music, said: “I’m really excited to begin using Meludia with my students at Curtis and anticipate that it will not only be highly beneficial for them, but also a lot of fun.”

Considered as “one of the world’s finest music academies” (BBC Culture), The Curtis Institute of Music, by deploying the Meludia platform, continues to distinguish itself as being a driving force in pedagogy, offering its students and faculty the most exceptional innovations in music education.

Drawing upon 90 years of artistry, the Curtis Institute of Music pairs tradition and innovation, educating exceptionally gifted young musicians as artist-citizens who engage a local and global community through music-making of the highest caliber.

The extraordinary musicians of Curtis graduate to join 4,000 alumni who have long made music history. Curtis graduates are in the front rank of soloists, composers and conductors, and hold principal chairs in every major orchestra in the United States and around the world. Curtis graduates are musical leaders, making a profound impact on music onstage and in their communities.

Meludia CEO Bastien Sannac said: “I am extremely proud and honoured to have Meludia associated with the Curtis Institute of Music, a legendary and exemplary institution that has set the standard of superior music education and is a benchmark throughout the world.”

The Paris-based French company Meludia began operations in 2012 and has since received many prestigious awards, among them, the Gold Medal at the 2014 International Concours Lépine for Innovation, as well as placing as finalist for best music innovator at the SXSW Festival in Austin,

Meludia’s revolutionary approach to music learning has been recognized and endorsed by a growing number of world-famous institutions, ensembles, musicians and educators, including professors at MIT in Boston and the Sorbonne University in Paris.

Built and based upon 25 years of research, the ‘Meludia Method’ is unique, in that it aggregates several recognized music learning methods, including Orff, Willems, Dalcroze, Kodály and Martenot, as well as recent advances in cognitive science, including reinforcement learning and implicit learning. In developing the user’s ability to understand and better appreciate the language of music, the ‘Meludia Method’ naturally raises the level of engagement and motivation and, at the same time, accelerates progress with a musical instrument.

What makes the internet application of the ‘Meludia Method’ exceptional, is that it is an interactive and progressive tool, that is also fun to use. The Meludia platform has also attracted international media attention through its large-scale deployment projects. Recently, the government of the Republic of Estonia selected Meludia for its entire population of 1.3 million, offering an access to music education for every man, woman and child of the nation.

The deployment of Meludia at Curtis highlights the importance of emerging technologies for learning and teaching in the 21st century.


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