Deborah Annetts, Chief Executive of the Incorporated Society of Musicians and co-founder of FreeMoveCreate said: ‘We welcome the evidence put forward toward at the House of Lords EU Home Affairs Sub-committee that states that special immigration measures need to be considered for cultural workers in the Brexit process due to the industry’s unique working patterns. Our surveys conducted just after the results of the EU referendum, along with discussion with our members (before and after the launch of FreeMoveCreate) uncovered the number one priority for working musicians: flexible travel across all European countries. And working in Europe is key to our world-leading creative industries: 43% of creative industries exports are to the EU and creatives often get offered work in the EU at 24 hours’ notice – sometimes travelling to the EU to work more than 40 times a year. Multi-page visa documents and tax forms are not compatible with the working life of a creative. Post-Brexit, UK creatives need flexible, short notice travel to be protected in the EU.’


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