The Faroe Islands has entered into a unique partnership with the French web-based music-learning platform, Meludia. Starting this week, access to the Meludia platform will be made available free of charge to every resident and visitor to this remote island nation of 50,000 inhabitants, offering music literacy to the entire population. The Meludia platform has even been translated into Faroese, making this the first complete music-learning tool ever created in the Faroese language.

The internationally known Faroese composer, Sunleif Rasmussen, upon discovering Meludia, immediately recognised its strong pedagogic qualities and novel, cutting-edge approach to developing music perception, auditory skills and acquiring the fundamentals of music. He saw in Meludia the ideal tool to bring music literacy to every resident in his homeland and brought this project to the attention of Faroese Prime Minister, Aksel V. Johannesen, who, together with Faroese Minister of Education, Research and Culture, Rigmor Dam and Faroese Parliamentarian, Hanna Jensen, championed this initiative and helped bring it to fruition.

Sunleif Rasmussen, the Meludia Ambassador for the Faroe Islands said, “Meludia allows a person to learn the fundamentals of music through play and gamification. Meludia is both for beginners and professionals, and everything in between.”

Rigmor Dam, Minister of Education, Research and Culture of the Faroe Islands said, “The aim of Meludia is to allow children and adults to acquire music literacy, much in the same way as they learn to read, write and speak a foreign language. I want to wish all users in the Faroe Islands a welcome into the world of music.”

Hanna Jensen, Faroese Parliamentarian and French Consul said, “The best part of this is that Meludia is available in Faroese, thereby making it available and accessible to all people in the Faroe Islands.”

In connection with the launch in April, a Meludia team will spend one week visiting many regions of the Faroe Islands, introducing the platform in public schools, music schools, the university, community centers, retirement homes, the hospital, to musicians with learning difficulties and to children with autism. This roadshow aims at raising public awareness of the importance of music literacy, introducing the Meludia platform and its more than 600 exercises to as many Faroese residents as possible, irrespective of their social status and music background.

Meludia CEO Bastien Sannac said: “We are extremely grateful to Meludia Ambassador Sunleif Rasmussen for having the vision and determination to bring this project to the attention of the Faroese Government. This unprecedented initiative by a major Faroese composer will raise global awareness of the importance of offering music education to all.”

The Paris-based French company Meludia began operations in 2012 and has since received many prestigious awards, among them the Gold Medal at the 2014 International Concours Lépine for Innovation, as well as placing as finalist for best music innovator at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas in 2015.

Meludia’s revolutionary approach to music learning has been recognized and endorsed by a growing number of world-famous institutions, ensembles, musicians and educators, including the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music, the El Sistema programme and professors at MIT in Boston and the Sorbonne University in Paris. Among the many world-renowned artists who support Meludia are Nicola Benedetti, Joseph Calleja, Leonard Elschenbroich, Thomas Hampson, the duo Igudesman and Joo, Julian Rachlin and Linus Roth.

The ‘Meludia Method’ was conceived and developed by French composer and pedagogue Vincent Chaintrier, based upon 25 years of research. It is unique, in that it aggregates several recognized music learning methods, including Orff, Willems, Dalcroze, Kodály and Martenot, as well as recent advances in cognitive science, including reinforcement learning and implicit learning. In developing the user’s ability to understand and better appreciate the language of music, the ‘Meludia Method’ naturally raises the level of engagement and motivation and, at the same time, develops innate music perception and the ability to listen better. What makes the Internet application of the ‘Meludia Method’ exceptional is that it is an interactive and progressive tool that is also fun to use.

Meludia has already attracted considerable international media attention through its large-scale national deployment projects. In 2015, the Government of the Republic of Estonia selected Meludia for its entire population of 1.3 million, offering access to music education for every man, woman and child in the nation. In 2016 the Government of Malta signed a three-year agreement, making Meludia available to everyone in that Mediterranean island nation. In 2017 the Calgary Philharmonic offered free Meludia access to everyone in Canada, the largest mass free music education deployment ever carried out anywhere in the world, bringing free music education to nearly 40 million people.


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