Today EMI Classics has released Paul McCartneyís latest classical album, ìEcce Cor Meumî (Behold My Heart). At a press conference in EMIís offices in Wrights Lane, Kensington, Sir Paul attended to introduce the work and take questions. ìEcce Cor Meumî is for soprano solo (Kate Royal on this recording), choruses (including boysí voices) and orchestra and lasts for just under an hour and can be related to the English cathedral tradition.

McCartney says that the work, requested by Magdalen College in Oxford, has taken nearly ten years to come to fruition. Its composition was interrupted by ìgriefî ñ for Paulís late wife, Linda. He referred to the workís ìsad bitsî and that composing this work has helped to ìwrite his sadness out.î (It would have been Lindaís birthday the day before this release and press gathering, 24 September.)

ìEcce Cor Meumî was recorded in Studio 1 at Abbey Road ñ a famous venue its own right and one closely associated with The Beatles ñ and Sir Paul says that, as a composer, ìI donít officially know what Iím doing Ö so I can do anything.î He also spoke of the work reflecting ìtruth, honesty and kindness.î The music is accessible, reveals aspiration and has a universal language, one that marries a classical background to more filmic aspects; it is composed with naturalness, an inquisitive mind as to musicís possibilities, and with many heart-touching melodies.

During the press conference, Sir Paul expressed fondness for a wide variety of music, not least that of Chopin and Nat King Cole (ìit depends on the time of day ñ I love bothî) and concluded: ìif I wasnít composing music as a living Iíd do it as a hobby.î

ìEcce Cor Meumî is released on 25 September 2006 by EMI Classics (3 70423 2). A concert performance, with the same artists as on the recording, is planned for the Royal Albert Hall on 3 November at 7.30. Tickets are also on sale from today.


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