Gemma New, Jakub Hrůša, Edwin Outwater, and Thomas Wilkins To Conduct Young People’s Concerts

Kravis Creative Partner Nadia Sirota To Host March 2019 YPC “Level Up: Beethoven, Andrew Norman, and Video Games”

Young People’s Concerts (Ages 6–12)

This season’s series of Young People’s Concerts (YPCs), Music Across Borders, will explore how music transports listeners through time and space and across the borders of fantasy and reality, and how it can express the experience of crossing into new lands. The series will begin November 17, 2018, with “Dancing Across the Universe — The Waltz,” conducted by Gemma New and hosted by Fred Child.

Very Young People’s Concerts (Ages 3–6)

This season’s series of Very Young People’s Concerts (VYPCs), Philharmonic Playground, will begin February 24–25, 2019, with “Allegro and Adagio,” which will explore tempo through selections from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, arranged for string quartet and harp.


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