The UK charity Awards for Young Musicians (AYM) has released the first four films of its new 20-part series. The series follows the stories of 20 young people from low-income families whose lives have been transformed by access to music education.

The first four films to be released are:

Jess Gillam: - AYM’s youngest ever Patron

Jennifer Pike:

Myla Newell:

Kwasi Sefa-Attakora:

The remaining 16 films will be published on the AYM website across the Autumn, including Julian Bliss, conductor Duncan Ward, and Chineke orchestra cellist Zara Hudson-Kozdoj.

Quotes about the Project

- Sir Simon Rattle, AYM’s first Patron: “Every child deserves the chance to make the most of their potential in life. The barriers are high if a family is struggling financially and if life is challenging in other ways too. AYM makes a musical life possible for everyone, no matter where they come from, and these films demonstrate the impact that this kind of support can have.”

- Philip Jones, AYM Chairman: “We spoke to young people ranging from secondary school students to those in their early thirties, all of whom have been financially supported by AYM at one time or another. Some pursued a career in music, while others chose an entirely different career path. What they have in common is a life enhanced by access to music education. We wanted to share their stories.”


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