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LONDON (AP) รณ Percy M. Young, a musicologist who published more than five dozen books on music and reconstructed an unfinished opera by Edward Elgar, has died at 91. He died May 9, his family said. The cause of death was not announced.
Young's books included studies of George Frideric Handel and his oratorios, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Robert Schumann, Arthur Sullivan and the Bach family. He also contributed to the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians and wrote a biography of the founder, George Grove.
Elgar was his special interest. He edited collections of Elgar's letters in 1956 and 1965, and wrote biographies of Elgar (1955) and his wife Alice (1978). In 1991, Young published his edition and completion of Elgar's opera, The Spanish Lady. it was first performed in Cambridge three years later. He is survived by his wife, and a daughter and three sons from his first marriage.

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