Associated Press - 13 April 2004

PHILADELPHIA (AP) รณ Although only 12 years old, child prodigy Kit Armstrong has already been compared to Mozart for his piano and composition skills.
His teachers, however, think that may be an understatement.
"Mozart didn't do math and he didn't go to university when he was 9," said Eleanor Sokoloff, 89, Kit's piano instructor at the Curtis Institute of Music.
Kit, who is also studying chemistry and abstract algebra at the University of Pennsylvania, recently landed professional management from the same talent agency that represents Jennifer Lopez, Diane Keaton and Yo-Yo Ma. Interview requests are streaming in and he already has been on David Letterman's show.
"My first compositions were really complete gibberish," Kit says. Then at the ripe age of 6, "Through some unclear transformation, I wrote my Chicken Sonata, and that was my first real piece of music."
He describes the piece as "a collection of four chicken pieces. In the classical style."


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