Opera 100: An opera synopsis in just one hundred words!

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
Librettist: Antonio Ghislanzoni [after French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette]
Ethiopian princess Aida is brought to be a slave of Egyptian princess Amneris; Radames, who loves Aida but is loved by Amneris, captains the force sent to repel the rescue attempt. Amneris tricks Aida into admitting her love. Radames returns triumphant, with prisoners – Ethiopian king Amonasro, disguised, pleads for the captors' release. Triumphantly, Radames is betrothed to Amneris. An astonished Amonasro discovers Aida, and persuades her to get Radames to reveal Egypt's military plans; Radames surrenders to Amneris while Aida and Amonasro escape. The Ethiopian forces are routed, but Radames will not disclose, so is buried alive, Aida with him.


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