Opera 100: An opera synopsis in just one hundred words!

Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
Librettists: Josef Sonnleithner, Stephan von Breuning & Georg Friedrich Treitschke after Jean-Nicolas Bouilly
Leonore (disguised as Fidelio) infiltrates the prison of Don Pizarro to rescue her husband Florestan whom has been illegally incarcerated for two years. Marzelline, the daughter of Rocco the gaoler, has fallen for Fidelio, though she is loved by Jaquino, even though Rocco has promised his offspring to Fidelio. Pizarro, on learning that the minister Fernando plans to visit the prison, resolves to have Florestan disposed of; the task is given to Rocco, aided by Fidelio. Leonore prevents Florestan’s murder by revealing herself to a surprised Pizarro. Upon the minister’s pardon, she removes her husband’s shackles; Pizarro is taken away.


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