Soundbite 60: A sixty-word précis-review of the latest CD releases

John Dowland
Walsingham; Can she excuse my wrongs?; Flow, my tears; The most High and Mighty Christianus the Fourth; The lowest trees have tops; Fine knacks for ladies; Fantasy; Come, heavy sleep; Forlorn Hope Fancy; Come again; Wilt thou unkind thus reave me; Weep you no more, sad fountains; My Lord Willoughby’s Welcome Home; Clear or cloudy; In darkness let me dwell
Robert Johnson
Have you seen the bright lily grow
Sting (vocals & archlute)
Edin Karamazov (lute & archlute)

Recorded in 2006 at Steerpike Studios, Il Palagio, Italy
CD No: DG 170 3139
Duration: 49 minutes
Reviewed: November 2006
Sting and Dowland: unlikely bedfellows? Yes. But it works. Sting’s totally unaffected singing of John Dowland’s 16th/17th-century melancholy lyrics and music make for a very special alchemy that succeeds where other more 'classical' interpretations fail. Edin Karamazov's lute-playing is both exciting and highly expressive. Although the disc reproduces as a too-loud ‘pop’ issue, this is crossover as it should be.


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