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Feature CD review: Sir John Barbirolli conducts: Hallé in Richard Strauss and Dmitri Shostakovich at Manchester; Philharmonia in Antonín Dvořák, more Strauss, Igor Stravinsky & Jean Sibelius at Buenos Aires
January 2020 (Rob Pennock) |  During the last decade of his life John Barbirolli’s music making was decidedly individualistic, and like Furtwängler he never seemed to give the same performance of a work two nights in a row. This individuality can be heard at its finest on disc in say Puccini’s Madame Butterfly and Mahler’s Fifth Symphony and as the Testament CDs of live performances with a great orchestra that worshipped him, the Berlin Philharmonic, the Memories stereo release of Haydn 92, the Elgar and Sibelius Second Symphonies from 1964 with the equally great Boston Symphony and the BBC Legends, LSO Heldenleben demonstrate, he was one of the twentieth century’s greatest conductors. 
Feature LP Review: J.S. Bach|Ruth Palmer; Gershwin|Katie Mahan; Josho Stephan Trio; Daniel Elms; Carlos Cipa; Tchaikovsky|Pathétique Symphony|Berlin
January 2020 (Rob Pennock) |  Given that the majors are putting out new releases on LP it seemed the ideal time to look at some recent albums that aren’t reissues of golden-age material, which are mastered in very different ways using direct-to-disc, low and high resolution digital files, from a variety of sources. Berliner Meister Schallplatten produce a small number of LPs each year which are pure, straight-line analogue, which means the performance isn’t taped, or captured in any other way than the lacquer – which forms the basis of all LP production – being cut as the performers play. … 
An Introduction to High-Resolution Sound
January 2020 (Rob Pennock) |  The purpose of this article is to offer a brief guide to the constantly evolving world of high-resolution (hereafter high-def) sound. Lengthy descriptions of technical processes have been avoided, so if you want to know what a one bit-depth does to the dynamic range you will need to look elsewhere, but it has been necessary to give a brief outline of what numbers like 24/192 mean, file sizes. FLAC and the like. … 
Metropolitan Opera Live HD Broadcasts 2019-20: William Kentridge's production of Alban Berg's Wozzeck [Showing on January 11]
January 2020 (Alexander Campbell) |  The Classical Source once again brings you a handy guide to all ten of the Metropolitan Opera productions included in this season’s international broadcast series.

#5: Wozzeck 


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