Second Movement

Written by: Colin Anderson

A new opera company for young singers. Producer Hannah Taylor tells more…

I ask Hannah Taylor, producer of opera company Second Movement, what lies behind its formation? “It was created in 2003 to provide a London-based forum for young singers and practitioners, where they could show their talents in a fully professional company: in risk-taking productions of less well-known one-act operas.” Why the name? “Second Movement not only has symphonic ‘classical’ connotations, but more importantly suggests the kind of progressive staging values and forward-thinking ethos in terms of new audiences, radical venues and the average age of our employees that we strive to promote.”

Second Movement is a stepping stone for singers in that “one of our main aims is to provide a very visible platform – in London – for singers on the cusp of their careers. We also believe that young singers are one of the key ways we can connect with younger audiences.” Between the 24th and 27th of this month, at Covent Garden Film Studios, Second Movement couples operas by Mozart (The Impresario) and Menotti (The Medium). “As well as being fantastic operas, we were intrigued by the links between the two pieces. Baba, the title character in the Menotti, is as much a diva as anyone in The Impresario! We were also very excited by the opportunity to use a promising young writer to provide a brand new adaptation for the Mozart – the kind of thing we want Second Movement to be doing on a regular basis.”

  • Second Movement’s Mozart and Menotti double bill is from 24-27 January at Covent Garden Film Studios, London
  • Ticket Hotline 020 7795 0556
  • Featured on “In Tune” – BBC Radio 3 on 20 January at 6.15 p.m.

  • Second Movement
  • The above article was published in “What’s On in London” on 19 January 2006 and is reproduced here with permission

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