BBC Legends – Constantin Silvestri [Donna Diana … Polish Symphony … Enigma Variations]

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Donna Diana – Overture
Symphony No.3 in D, Op.29 (Polish)
Variations on an Original Theme (Enigma), Op.36

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Constantin Silvestri

Rezniček recorded 25 September 1962 in Town Hall, Bournemouth; Tchaikovsky & Elgar recorded on 3 July 1967 in Winter Gardens, Bournemouth

Reviewed by: Mike Langhorne

Reviewed: May 2009
BBCL 4258-2
Duration: 75 minutes



rubato. Despite poor sound, this is an extremely useful addition to Silvestri’s oeuvre – only a recording of the First Symphony is now needed to complete his Tchaikovsky cycle (Manfred Symphony is also on BBC Legends, with Respighi’s The Pines of Rome).

Finally, Enigma Variations. Silvestri was a fine Elgarian, not only because of In the South, but also Symphony No.1 (BBC Legends). His is an affectionate account of Enigma with warm phrasing and excellent characterisation of the individuals portrayed. It’s good that he does not sentimentalise ‘Nimrod’ with excessive slowness; Monteux had already shown that such an approach is quite unnecessary. The faster sections go well and slower ones such as ‘Dorabella’ and ‘***’ are beautifully turned. ‘EDU’ brings things to a close in rumbustious fashion.

Although they will wish for better sound, Silvestri admirers will of course want this tantalising release.

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