Ta’ mig med –  Kim Larsen songs for classical guitar

Kim Larsen songs for classical guitar
5 of 5 stars

Kim Larsen
Kvinde min
Hvis din Far gir’ dig lov
Masser af success
Der er en sang
Susan himmelblå
Den lige vej
Om lidt
Flyvere i natten
Kom igen
Som et strejf af en dråbe

All arranged by Jesper Sivebæk, other than track 5 by Daniel Murray and tracks 11 & 12 by Asger Agerskov Buur

Jesper Sivebæk (guitar)

Reviewed by: Rob Pennock

Reviewed: July 2024
CD No: OUR Recordings: CD, stream, LP from ourrecordings.com, hi-res downloads from Nativedsd.com: 8226915
Duration: 41:12



Kim Larsen (1945–2018) was a Danish singer-songwriter and guitarist, who, as a solo artist and with several pop and rock groups, sold over 5 million albums. Stream him and you hear loads of pleasant ballads and more upbeat numbers, which didn’t export well, although the heavily Bowie influenced – minus the genius – Donnez-moi du feu was a big hit in France.

This album features arrangements of twelve of Larsen’s songs by the classical guitarists Jaesper Sievebæk, Asger Agerskov Burr and Daniel Murray. The title comes from his song Joanna

The arrangements feature a variety of different styles, where Kvinde min is influenced by Villa Lobos, Hvis din Far gir’ dig lov uses bango bluegrass imitations and finger snaps, while other tracks feature a one-man band, Argentinian and Brazilian rhythms and American folk guitar. This might sound a bit of a miss-mash, but everything is very subtle, the banjo imitations perhaps too much so. 

The music itself is harmonically and thematically conventional, with a preponderance of introspective numbers, which at first hearing sound repetitive, but on repeated listening there is an affecting underlying melancholy and the melodies have a conversational quality, which, by laying them bare, arguably makes these arrangements superior to the originals. 

Needless to say the performances are superb, although it would have been interesting to hear Kom igen played more slowly as a lullaby.   

The album, which was released in June 2021, flew under the radar until OUR Recordings very kindly sent an LP copy, which has been compared to a 24.192 stream and DSD512 download. 

Recorded in DXD, whichever format you choose the sound is superb, with a mercifully short reverberation time within a middle-distance overall balance. But as is always the case DSD512 presents a greater sense of space, the instruments (track 5 uses a different guitar) are better reproduced and more natural than the otherwise excellent 24.192 stream. And then there is the LP, where you enter analogue heaven. 

The lacquers were cut from the DXD master and there in front of you is Kim Larsen, where the civilising influence of the analogue lacquer cutting process works wonders in terms of timbre, the acoustic and sheer presence. Yes the DSD512 is excellent, but the LP is in a different class.  

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