The Editor’s Choice (10)

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The Editor’s Choice (10)

by: Colin Anderson

Here we are post-Christmas and into 2018. December lingers on though in relation to me mentioning a few outstanding recordings that Classical Source reviewed during that month.The distinctive music of Glaswegian Erik Chisholm is well-worth discovering, and I leave it to Robert Matthew-Walker’s detailed review to introduce you (if needed) to this versatile musician and entrepreneur; for myself, I went straight back to listen again. From my own reviews, although it was rather delayed against the release date, Maurizio Pollini’s survey of Late Works by Chopin is a winner, wonderful and insightful interpretations. And much pleasure is to be found on Steven Isserlis’s versions of Cello Concertos by Haydn and C. P. E. Bach, the final movement of the latter’s example being a joyous earworm.

My ‘record of the month’ however goes to Lucas Debargue’s collection of Piano Sonatas by Schubert and Szymanowski. An unlikely coupling of composers maybe, but Debargue’s personal if persuasive view of the Austrian’s music is very listenable, and his account of the Pole’s remarkable Second Sonata, a blockbuster of a piece, is simply stunning.

Colin Anderson
The Classical Source
January 2018

***As a postscript, just to clarify how Classical Source uses stars for its reviews. Since April 2016 a star-rating is mandatory for anything generally available (a recording, a book…) and when there is a run of performances (an opera, a ballet…). Stars are not required for a concert unless a reviewer is of the opinion that something is exceptional (five stars) or quite the opposite (one); either is rare … ultimately it is the words that matter.***

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