The Editor’s Choice (28)

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The Editor’s Choice (28)

by: Colin Anderson

Tempus fugit, so this latest Editor’s Choice is brief in words, yet high in quality as to those releases that have scored well in my book, whether it’s my review or not; the litmus test being return visits to listen or the surprise factor: something that was until now off the radar yet turns out to be a revelation.

Of the core stuff, Barry Douglas’s fourth volume of Schubert Piano Sonatas has been a regular disc in my player, so too Lise Davidsen’s debut release, of Strauss and Wagner – both issues offering illumination and solace. So too from the Engegård Quartet addressing Mozart, very agreeable readings and well-judged playing … much pleasure.

There is plenty of music out there that is rarely encountered, yet is immediately very impressive and good to get to know; so a big thumbs-up for an excellent Herbert Howells collection from King’s College Cambridge and also for Linus Roth’s notable entry into Hyperion’s Romantic Violin Concerto series.

BBC Proms start on Friday the Nineteenth, so I had better finish off the planning as to who is reviewing what, I haven’t forgotten … the Classical Source writers are chomping at the bit: an editor’s work is perhaps never done.

Colin Anderson
The Classical Source
1 July 2019

***As a postscript, just to clarify how Classical Source uses stars for its reviews. Since April 2016 a star-rating is mandatory for anything generally available (a recording, a book…) and when there is a run of performances (an opera, a ballet…). Stars are not required for a concert unless a reviewer is of the opinion that something is exceptional (five stars) or quite the opposite (one); either is rare … ultimately it is the words that matter.***

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