Glass: Satyagraha

Opera 100

Here we write a 100-word précis of numerous opera plots. This is an ongoing and serendipitous series, the idea being to present the storyline in an instant.

Glass: Satyagraha

by: Alexander Campbell

Gandhi is inspired by the Bhagavad Gita andthe poet Rabindranath Tagore. In South Africa, Gandhi and followers build Tolstoy Farm and protest the governmental introduction of identity cards and movement restrictions of the ‘Black Act’. In Durban violence threatens to erupt but is prevented by the Police Superintendent’s wife. Gandhi founds the ‘Indian Opinion’ newspaper, using it to foment rebellion and a ritual burning of identity cards when the government retracts its earlier promises. Following Gandhi’s example of peaceful truthful protest, the miners of New Castle march with the ‘Satyagraha Army’, presaging Martin Luther King’s struggles of the future. 

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