A solo recital by star pianist Evgeny Kissin


Sonata No 52 in E flat


Liebestraum No 3 in A flat


Hungarian Rhapsody No 12 in C sharp minor


Nocturnes Ops 27 Nos 1 & 2


Piano Sonata No 3 in B minor

Evgeny Kissin (piano)

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Reviewed: 19 August, 2020

This 1997 recital – the first ever solo piano recital at the Proms – showcases the Russian phenomenon Evgeny Kissin in only his second Proms performance. At 26, his performances and recordings had already brought him the kind of attention reserved for the starriest virtuosos – such as Chopin and Liszt themselves, whose music he plays here alongside Haydn’s noble Sonata No 52.

Liszt’s fiendishly difficult Hungarian Rhapsody No 12 is the jewel in centre of this mammoth recital. With eight distinctive melodies, it is the most thematically rich of the 19 Rhapsodies – as well as one of the most popular. Closing the performance is the last of Chopin’s three piano sonatas.

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This performance was taken from the BBC Proms in 1997 (10th August) – two years before the Classical Source was born.

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