Haitink and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra


Piano Concerto No 24 in C minor, K491


Symphony No. 4 in C minor

Murray Perahia (piano)
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Bernard Haitink (conductor)

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Reviewed: 28 July, 2020

Murray Perahia and Bernard Haitink have a musical rapport that has given us countless magnificent performances. This performance from the BBC Proms in 2008 saw Perahia return to the Proms, following a gap of 20 years, to perform one of Mozart’s greatest piano concertos.

It was while writing his Fourth Symphony that Shostakovich was denounced in a newspaper article entitled ‘Muddle Instead of Music’. He continued composing the work in private, but it had to wait 25 years – beyond the death of Stalin – before it was first heard in public, in 1961.

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(From BBC Proms 2008, 9 September)

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