Dvořák Slavonic Rhapsodies & Slavonic Dances

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Slavonic Rhapsodies, Op.45 – No.1 in D; No.2 in G minor; No.3 in A flat
Slavonic Dances, Op.46 [Complete]

Reviewed by: Colin Anderson

Reviewed: February 2007
Duration: 74 minutes

If not as familiar as his Slavonic Dances, Dvořák’s three, and substantial, Slavonic Rhapsodies memorably evoke the Bohemian landscape and civilisation in warm-hearted and mellifluous music on which Masur and the cultured Leipzig orchestra lavishes much care, beautifully recorded. Ančerl’s Slavonic Dances are (surprisingly, for 1958) in mono sound, but this is no suppresser of fiery, unsentimental and bosky readings.

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