Haydn Arias & Cantatas/Arleen Augér

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Berenicie, che fai? (Scena di Berenice), Hob. XXIVa:10
Son pietosa, son bonina, Hob. XXXXIIb:1
Arianna a Naxos, Hob. XXVIb:2
Solo e pensoso, Hob. XXIVb:20
Miseri noi, misera patria, Hob. XXIVa:7

Reviewed by: William Yeoman

Reviewed: December 2006
476 2519
Duration: 53 minutes

The centrepiece of this must-have collection is an orchestrated version of the substantial cantata “Arianna a Naxos”, here elegantly furnished with vocal embellishments and cadenzas; the remaining four works are more discreetly graced. Augér is utterly persuasive throughout, managing the numerous shifts between recitative and song seamlessly; the orchestra’s playing under Hogwood is generally understated yet convincingly emphatic where necessary.

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