Socially Distanced Sibelius

A group of musicians from London orchestras and West End pit players have been gathering together in Greenwich Park over the past couple of months. Why? To do what they love to do and entertain those that care to watch them.

Unable to advertise, to avoid generating crowds, the band has developed a following from people that stumble across them in the park.

As rehearsal is out of the question, the players simply appear at a certain time (‘Flash-Mob Dvorak’) and play. Steve Joyce, spokes person for the group and who has posted footage on YouTube says:

We’ve had Dvorak 9, Brahms 2, Tchaikovsky 5 and most recently Sibelius 2…it’s been so lovely for us all to get together to play.

Take a look at the some real “music under lockdown” and if you happen to be in Greenwich Park and hear music, you’re not imagining things, just sit back and enjoy.

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