Mackerras and Brendel play Mozart


Symphony No. 32, K318


Piano Concerto No. 25, K50


Concerto in D


Symphony No.4, ‘Tragic’

Alfred Brendel (piano)
Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Sir Charles Mackerras (conductor)

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Reviewed: 13 August, 2020

The Scottish Chamber Orchestra and its then Conductor Laureate Charles Mackerras collaborated with Alfred Brendel on a series of performances and recordings of the piano concertos by Mozart, and they brought the grandest of them all to the Proms in 2001, along with an Italianate Symphony from the late 1770s. The classical strand continued with Schubert’s rarely heard early Fourth Symphony, and Stravinsky’s neoclassical string concerto.

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(From BBC Proms 2001, 5 September)

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