About our writers…

Alexander Campbell

A toxicologist by day and a serial overdoser on music the rest of the time, Alexander has sung in choirs since the age of 6, has occasional bursts of (mediocre) pianistic activity and rare bouts fighting with his oboe. Always a keen listener and a devotee of live performances Alexander’s tastes are diverse, but he is particularly keen on opera and vocal music from the classical to the contemporary, nowadays exploring the operatic music of composers well without standard opera-house fare. He is currently working on two books with operatic themes.

Professionally he has held roles with the National Poisons Information Service, created the Veterinary Poisons Information Service and held executive roles, including the presidency, of the European Association of Poisons Centres and Clinical Toxicologists. He is a trustee of several charities and an avid traveller, reader and foodie!

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