Tennstedt’s Bruckner 4 & 8

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Symphony No.4 in E flat (Romantic) [1881 Version edited Haas]
Symphony No.8 in C minor [1890 Version edited Nowak]

Reviewed by: Paul Cherry

Reviewed: June 2007
CD No: EMI 3 81761 2 (2 CDs)
Duration: 2 hours 47 minutes

A good idea to couple Tennstedt’s ‘only’ Bruckner for EMI. In early (but good) digital sound, Tennstedt and two splendid orchestras are vividly captured; Tennstedt’s blazing accounts really sweep the heavens and also peer into the composer’s inner sanctum. The Fourth is majestic and mightily sonorous while the Eighth has fiery electricity that the solemn Adagio counters with searching eloquence.

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