Puccini: La bohème

Opera 100

Here we write a 100-word précis of numerous opera plots. This is an ongoing and serendipitous series, the idea being to present the storyline in an instant.

Puccini: La bohème

by: Kevin Rogers

During a harsh Parisian winter, four struggling bohemian flatmates are preparing to go to the Café Momus, but the writer Rodolfo stays to finish some work. The terminally-ill Mimì arrives, requiring her candle to be lit, and the two fall in love. All meet at the café, where Musetta, ex-lover of painter Marcello, is with her latest (and aging) admirer. Two months later, at an inn, Mimì finds Marcello, telling him that Rodolfo has abandoned her. Rodolfo and Mimì are reconciled whilst Marcello and Musetta quarrel. In the presence of all the friends Mimì dies in bed, leaving Rodolfo distraught.

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