Otto Klemperer

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Grosse Fuge, Op.133
Concerto grosso in A minor, Op.6/4
Adagio & Fugue, K546
Serenade in D, K239 (Serenata notturna)
Serenade in G, K525 (Eine kleine Nachtmusik)

Reviewed by: Colin Anderson

Reviewed: December 2006
CD No: EMI 3 77364 2
Duration: 72 minutes

Otto Klemperer (1885-1973) was a giant among conductors; his unvarnished and trenchant performances have easily stood the test of time. In this collection of string-orchestra pieces – from Beethoven’s titanic Grosse Fuge to Mozart’s easygoing serenades with Handel made an ultra-Romantic – the full resources of the Philharmonia Orchestra’s strings are deployed for spacious readings of significance and weight. Good stereo sound.

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