Sibelius/Colin Davis

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Pohjola’s Daughter, Op.49
Kuolema, Op.44 – Valse triste
Karelia – Suite, Op.11
En saga, Op.9
Tapiola, Op.112

Reviewed by: Colin Anderson

Reviewed: December 2006
476 2817
Duration: 73 minutes

A brooding, atmospheric Pohjola’s Daughter; a veiled Valse triste; a Karelia Suite given time to parade, narrate and stroll; an En saga with a light scenic touch; a visceral Tapiola. Some regard Sibelius’s symphonic poems as greater than his symphonies; Colin Davis is a renowned Sibelian; the Boston Symphony’s Sibelius instincts go back to the days of Koussevitzky. Don’t miss!

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